Eva Quintas
Photography and Media Arts

After studies in literature and photography, Eva Quintas has exhibited widely since 1990 in Quebec, Mexico and Europe

Her current work is shared between her own projects that revisit the travel photography and her collaboration to a literary and plurimedia photonovel, Liquidation, that she develops since 1994 with the writer Michel Lefebvre. She began working on web-based projects in 1997, realizing the web episodes of Liquidation and collaborating to the production of various cultural webcasts.

Coordinator of the Montreal photographers collective Fovea, she has also founded in 1993, Agence TOPO, an art organization interested in the convergence of photography, literature and new media. With TOPO, she has recently directed the collective web project
FiXions, gathering 10 Montreal photographers and writers.

For ISEA, the Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts, she has develop the network Afrique Virtuelle/Virtual Africa, and has directed the project Dakar Web, a series of web creation workshops with twenty senegalese artists, in February 1999.

She has recently participated to the event Le Festival de l'Eau, a collective creation with 12 media art artists, along the river Mouhoun, in Burkina Faso.

A selection of her photographic work is published on the CD-Rom Musée Virtuel de la photographie québécoise, Production Vox Populi, 1998, Montréal.


— a plurimedia photonovel

(CD-Rom, web, radio, installation)


Liquidation - a random photonovel : the CD-ROM

• Video Lisboa-Romerias, Lisboa, April 2000

Festival Images du nouveau Monde, Québec City, February 2000

• Canadian Currents, Goethe Institute, Toronto, November 1999

• III États généraux de l'écriture interactive, Forum des images, Paris, November 1999

• Festival du nouveau cinéma et des nouveaux médias de Montréal (FCMM), October 1999 - Telefilm Canada Award, Best Canadian Work, New Media

Liquidation - a web-audio fiction

- Radio :
• Broadcasting of threee 30 minutes radio plays on the Radio-Canada Cultural Chain simultaneously with the web presentation (January 1998)

- Projections/Events :
• Cinémathèque quŽbŽcoise, Building Danse, Café électronique, Montréal

- Exhibitions :
• Festival international du film de l'internet (FIFI), Lille, France, March 2000
• Annual Conference, Independant Video and Film Alliance, Fredericton, June 1999
• European Media Art Festival
(EMAF), OnesbrŸck, Germany, May 1999
• Biennale de Montréal, (CIAC), August-Oct.1998
• Nomination to the Golden Web, Multimedia International Market (MIM), Montréal, May 1998

Genèse et aboutissement d'une liquidation : a multimedia installation
• Photographic and multimedia installation, Centre des arts actuels SKOL, Montréal, May1998