Madicke Seck
Intterdisciplinary artist
Born in 1955

Project : [AMIKA]

Madicke Seck is an audiovisual artist and versatile musician who sings, plays guitar, keyboard, and flute.

As a musician, he played with Ismael Lô between 1989 and 1992, accompanying him on numerous tours through Europe, North American and Japan.

As a film-maker, he made the first music documentary in Senegal in 1993 about the musicians Habib Faye and Youssou Ndour. Since 1993, he has also been the first assistant of Amadou Moctar Bèye, film-maker with Radio Television Senegalaise. Together they won the Golden Kora Award for best music video in 1996.

He has participated in various stages of production: set design with Christine Moboers of the Ecole La Cambre de Bruxelles, and film animation with the Ateliers Graphoui in Brussels, Belgium.

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