Séa Diallo
Nomadic Epicurian Artist
Born in 1958


Since his childhood, Sea has drawn and painted on everything that has fallen into his hands. At 30 years old, this self-taught artist decided to dedicate his time exclusively to painting and leading painting workshops for children and adults.

Passionate about freedom, the artist accepts no aesthetic limitations. In art, the domain of freedom par excellence, he would never accept forbidden zones or singular paths: line, colour, form, composition, media, etc are available. He takes pleasure in them without restriction.

As a poet-painter, the artist sings hymns for women, the ocean, peace, love, justice, friendship... As a militant artist, he denounces without compromise: absurdity, injustice, the glorification of massacres and human stupidity.

For Sea, art is what religion is to the priest: the ultimate domain of prayer, meditation, and pleasure. His artistic practice is a perpetual search for pleasure, discovery, spirituality, and dreams!

Sea Diallo has produced 4 solo exhibitions in Senegal and France, and, since 1981, has participated in over 40 group exhibitions in Senegal, France, Sweden, and Cap Vert. He has also taken part in various international apprenticeships in the creation of animated film, sculpture, set design and web art.

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