Rackie Diankha
Born in 1974

Project: [PETIT PAGNE]

After her education at the Ecole des Beaux arts de Dakar in 1995, she has participated in several national and international exhibitions in Senegal, France, and Belgium. In 1997, following the Triennale Internationale exhibition of young visual artists in Brussels, she was the Senegalese artist chosen to exhibit at the Charles Ville Mézière in France. She frequently collaborates on design for cinema and animated films.

Her work in images and textiles is based on the representation of weaving, since lines are ominipresent in the environment, whether they be animal, vegetable or industrial in nature. For several years she has been so interested in the representation of traditional african loincloths (pagnes), that she has integrated various kinds into her paintings.

In her new studio situated in the Village of the arts, Rackie has initiated young women artists into painting and the technique of textile fraying.

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