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Written and Directed by:
D. Kimm and Élène Tremblay  

A woman liquidates her past. Life is elswhere and everything is displaced. Other stories mingle with her own story. Images swallow words. Nothing is left but bits, fragments. What do we know about the others ? They are foreigners and we are so alone. Madame packs up. She returns from where she has not yet come from. As all women one day

D.Kimm works sicne 1985 in the fields of literature, performance and staging. She has published three books and has presented various shows of poetry-performance with the collaboration of musicians. Since 1994, she works as artistic director for multidisciplinary events gathering writers, musicians, dancers, performers and actors. She has staged many shows for the UNEQ and for the Festival de la Littérature, as Le Bestiaire and Dérives pour voyeurs consentants at the Lion d'Or (1997) and Le Marché des Maudits at the Marché Bonsecours (1998) as well as the 96 and 97 editions of Write pour écrire at the Lion d'Or. She has conceived the shows Pas de chicane dans ma cabane and Leçons de flânage (in collaboration with Dennis O'Sullivan) that have been presented at the Festival des Francophonies of Limoges (France) in 1995 and 1996. She has completed this year the multidisciplinary show La Suite mongole, in collaboration with Maryse Poulain and Marcelle Hudon.


Élène Tremblay was born in Rimouski (Québec) in 1962. She lives and works in Montréal. Her work has been presented in Québec, Canada, Europe and the USA. États-Unis. Her last group exhibitions include Champs de l'absence, presented in Montréal, Barcelona, Toronto and Liège and Le regard migrateur, présented at the Chambre Blanche (Québec City). Her recent solo exhibition, Figures, has been presented in 1998 at the gallery Vu, Québec and at Séquence, Chicoutimi. She also has created two works for the web : Chagrins in 1997 et Figures in 1998. Her work is based on the feeling of loss associated to the photographic trace, that she reveals through different manipulations that erase cetain parts of the image.