Daniel Lavoie, photographer et
André Lemelin, writer 

A Montreal photographer wanders through the streets of Mexico. He meets a woman, Jadira. He follows her and makes her pose in the city's maxe of streets. The writer, mesmerized by the face of this woman, makes off for Mexico City, on the heels of the images, in search of Jadira.

Since close to twelve years, Daniel Lavoie earns his life as a commercial photographer and on the side, develops his own artistic projects oriented on the portraiture staging. He has produced various series of artists' portraits where he underlines the integration of the person, of her work and of her working space. He is currently completing the series Symbiose that presents some twenty portraits of groups of people representing different social cells caracterized by their diversity, cultural, ethnical and physiognomical.

André Lemelin has completed a first Degree in Arts at the University Laval and a master Degree in Plilosophy at the University of Quebec in Montreal. At the beginning of the 80's, he discovers the literary short story. He creates, one after the other, the magazine STOP (short stories)in 1985;
, a monthly publication (book reviews) in 1993, with Josée Roy; in 1995, with Tony Tremblay,the poetry magazine Exit; in 1997, the publishing house Planète rebelle and, in 1998, the Productions du diable vert that organize the Dimanches du conte. Although the literary short story remains his favourite field, he now relates his stories in public situations and orientates his literary process towards the spoken work tradition. He has told his stories in various cultural cabarets, at the Montreal and Hull Fair books, at the Bibliothèque nationale du Québec, and has done radio readings of his works on CIBL and Radio-Canada.