The envelope project SO CLOSE / TOUT PRÈS‚ is the latest interactive public art project generated by Montreal‚s photo artist collective, Fovea.

The project is a self-directed art project that invites others to participate, interact and observe. It relies on the pleasure of giving and receiving and the urge to respond. It proposes an exchange of genuine artworks that reflects on time and distance and the speed of today's new means of communication.

Fovea is mailing out envelopes containing artworks by each artist from the collective, made specifically around the idea of the project's title SO CLOSE / TOUT PRÈS.

The 'Envelope project' introduces and extends Fovea's public art making activities to various interests all over the world, surprising each recipient with the physical object of unanticipated mail and its unexpected curiousities inside.

SO CLOSE / TOUT PRÈS‚ hopes to contract distance by reaching individuals in different countries with artworks they will be able to hold in their hands and which will suggest intimacy in their imagery. At the same time, the Envelope project‚ invites an exchange and collaboration in the form of an invitation to respond in kind. Fovea then too, will share in the anticipation of returns and responses at any time and from anywhere. This project utilizes a mode of exchange that slows -or temporarily suspends- the process of time [the time to deliver, and all the potentials for delay or disruption, no such thing as an immediate response]. Will it arrive, did it arrive, is it intact??